System administration

We believe that system administrators in their companies are often isolated to implement solution, which only their company uses. Sometimes the administration can take up his/her whole working day doing this, time in which could be used to explore new and innovative solutions. We therefore offer our customers administrative help in managing IT equipment, and in some cases we even oversee the administration ourselves. With this solution, the system administrators are given time, in which they can work on other, more important tasks at hand. The secret to our success is in the modern administrative solutions and systems we use for automatization and orchestration, in which the workload is significantly shortened and gives our technical staff more maneuvering time and less strain.    

Innovative administrative solutions
Getting rid of bottlenecks

One of the most important system areas is to get rid of bottlenecks. With the working optimization of both hardware and software, we expand the life span of the equipment. Following precise analytical operations, we work out optimizations, which will optimize responsive times. Depending on the group of decisions made, we execute the plan and make a new analysis of the new system. We also take care for the entire configuration changes in the documentation. When we learn something new, we share the knowledge and implement it directly on our customers.

Prolonged life span
Better responsiveness


With carefully overlooking the performance of the used IT equipment, we can predict possible working failure. That is why we developed an own solution with Splunk tool technology, which allows us predicative system maintenance. The software is regularly updated and therefore rids the program code of any existing errors. Also, we replace hardware systems components, without interrupting the clients’ companies’ business operations, for which we think is defective.



Regular performances high availability tests are key to a successful IT equipment recovery in case of unpredicted failure. The IT working environment maintenance procedures are constantly upgraded; we guarantee their simple use and provide constant education and training of the system administrators.



24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year we are awake, so you don’t need to be. For a guaranteed fast response time and fast maintenance we have our own supply of critical spare parts at our disposal. If a serious system failure occurs, we establish processes in which we repair the errors, constantly update the customers of the process, and with our bigger team activation and escalation, provide fast and efficient crisis management for the customer.  

CS Computer Systems d.o.o.
TETRA Solutions d.o.o.

We helped CS Computer Systems d.o.o. maintain NetApp MetroCluster™ at their clients location

"Our Space enables us professional services with NetApp MetroCluster™ technology. They showed us that they have a high level of expert knowledge, which is based on many years of experience on similar projects. Their responsive time to our telephone calls and e-mails is fast, and they also managed to show us that they are very flexible and can ensure fast availability on location.

Even in our first discussions with our client, Our Space contributed a lot with their best optimal solutions, which were gained by broad experiences, and at the same time, were a supporting pillar in all of the deciding processes when planning the architectural decisions. They offered us every additional information we needed to implement the solutions provided. The communication with their group was simple and without complication. They were very flexible when establishing planning dates and adapted fast to the demining tasks and dynamics. All of the planned actions were executed as planned and according to our wishes.

We were very happy with their vast knowledge, as well as the execution the Our Space team made.”


Ivan Andrišek

Head of IT automatization, systems and cloud solution department 

CS Computer Systems d.o.o.

We helped the TETRA Solutions migrating their data to NetApp storage

"When we were designing the project to migrate our data to NetApp storage systems, we were searching for a partner, which knew their way around the FAS series, as well as the VMware and IBM AIX operational system. What we feared most was the latter, because this is directly connected to our central banking system and we didn’t have any practical experience with it. The Our Space team shined on all of the technically executed tasks and competently answered all of our questions regarding the  for us new technology.

Also, at IBM AIX, the engineers of the company Our Space Appliances did a fantastic job, so the whole migration went smoothly, without complication. I also appreciate the level of expertise the company showed us when documenting the system changes and the scenarios of the executed operations as well. Even though the system engineers of Our Space Appliances were not so experienced with the AIX environment, it did not stop them and they still executed high-quality services.

Along with the project, we also needed a lot of consulting, even in the phase of planning the project. The fact, that the experts of Our Space Appliances worked in all of the phases of the project, helped us clearly define our technical solutions and how to implement those problematic points in the project at hand.

This was our first collaboration with OSAP and I can verify, that they are truly educated and reliable partners, which helped us professionally execute and plan a, for us, most important project in our bank sector. Everything was planned in detail and we didn’t suffer any off-time during the whole project procedure.”  


Elton Agolli

Head of the infrastructural department

TETRA Solutions

An excellent team with excellent solutions

A new approach to tend to our clients

One of our advantages is also the new tool for better NetApp server system administrations of our clients. All of the data can be forwarded live in our central collection, from where we detect deviations from normal functioning and based on that, we can act fast and inform our clients of possible change, even before errors occur and start to interfere with the equipment and business operations. Our vision in to have all the key components of our clients installed equipment in one place and in real-time, so we can oversee them, find errors before they occur, and so contribute to a better and more reliable IT infrastructure with all of our partners.

Constant business

We work hand in hand with our customers for more than 15 years.

Constant business

We work hand in hand with our customers for more than 15 years.

Constant business

We work hand in hand with our customers for more than 15 years.