Splunk Enterprise platform

Splunk is the leading solution for gathering and processing hardware data. In these data bits, you can find a real treasure chest of information, which can benefit your business. With the Splunk Enterprise tool, you can capture data from any kind of source and location in real-time. The captured data can be analyzed, you can search correlations between them and use it to inform yourself of any kind of deviations.

Embracing business decisions
Faster error detection
Following trends
Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk Enterprise Security is an advanced system for processing security information and events (SIEM). It enables you to follow network devices, working stations, servers and other informational system points in real time and in one place. With the Splunk Enterprise Security solution, engineers can detect possible errors faster and act in cases of inner or outer threats. With the help of the advanced analytical algorithms used, and the safety information reports, you will detect threats which were not known before.

Real-time monitoring
Automatic threat detection
Assigning priorities and actions
Fast research
On demand analysis
At hoc analytics

Companies can’t even imagine doing business without business intelligence software. An insight in your financial data and the number of transactions made, can show us the way in which a company is heading to. Splunk Enterprise enables the user to gather data from various streams, without defining it at the beginning of the search and what it actually consist of. After it gathered and we want to know what the insight is about, we choose a destination location and the data type, which we want to see. You can perform complex queries and its capable visualization environment transforms data in information, which can be easier understood.

Fast data ingestion
Overiview in just couple of monutes
A capable visualization environment
Predictive data analytics
AV Studio
Nuclear plower plant Krško
Our Space
Analitika na zahtevoOn demand analysis

The company GEN-I used Splunk Enterprise solutions for their business management

As a complementary solution to their already existing data warehouse, the company GEN-I uses the Splunk Enterprise platform. Some weeks after the concluded education, the team already set up a report of the state of the invoiced electrical energy bills. Later, with the help of Splunk, they widened their use of the system to analyze portfolios and open debts. The usefulness of the system solutions was also used in their call-centers; there they began closely following their clients complaint solutions. Today, the company has some true “Splunkers” or believers of Splunk, who build solutions as a response to the different issues, with which they are confronted on a daily basis in their business environment.

<2 months

Return of investement

Digital marketing

The Gorenje group successfully uses Splunk Enterprise solutions to manage their digital marketing channels

The company AV studio found a long-lasting solution in the Splunk Enterprise platform, which they use to manage all their digital marketing channels of the Gorenje Group. They gather data from various social networks and online sites from different countries in one place. The shaped solutions offer fast insight in all of their channels, and, at the same time, offer an analysis of the marketing campaigns and their send e-news.

63 countries

Data sources

78 channels

Social networks

Search engine of knowledge and experience

The nuclear power plant Krško searches through different databases with Splunk Enterprise.

The nuclear power plant Krško decided on the Splunk Enterprise platform as their best search engine option for operative experiences. The search engine IZI is a simple tool for an easy search solution of over 10 different inner- and outer databases of knowledge in one place. The search engine works as an independent tool and at the same time integrates all of the existing applications.


Before they implemented the search engine, the search was very cost-deficient, because they had to search in each of the databases separately. With the Splunk solution, the usage and search became efficient and fast.

Better overview

Overview about NetApp controllers with Splunk Enterprise

Since the beginning of company Our Space Appliances in Slovenia and all around, we have set up more than 200 storage systems. In most of these cases they are primary, their ongoing operation is therefore critical for a undisturbed and successful business environment. With the help of the Splunk Enterprise platform, we gather data of states and setups of storage disk controllers.


With this we gained following:

  • - all the information of the controllers is gathered in one place,
  • - the technical staff has less work to maintain,  
  • - fast overlook of critical or alarming states from each of the installed systems,
  • - report control,
  • - expectation of usage and storage system operations,
  • - whole statistic of each of the installed systems. 
9mio events daily


An excellent team with excellent solutions

A new approach to tend to our clients

One of our advantages is also the new tool for better NetApp server system administrations of our clients. All of the data can be forwarded live in our central collection, from where we detect deviations from normal functioning and based on that, we can act fast and inform our clients of possible change, even before errors occur and start to interfere with the equipment and business operations. Our vision in to have all the key components of our clients installed equipment in one place and in real-time, so we can oversee them, find errors before they occur, and so contribute to a better and more reliable IT infrastructure with all of our partners.

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise is used by more than 12.000 companies in 110 countries.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Splunk is for security purposes used by more than 2.500 companies in 110 countries.

IT superhero

Splunk Enterprise is used by more than 12.000 companies in 110 countries.