Happy New Year 2020!

Our Beehive blog wishes you all the best in the New Year. 🍾🎊🥂 May all your wishes come true! Arne Hodalič, one of our “bees”, would like to share the following thought with you for the end of the year:


"At the end of each year, I take to social media to publish a photo, accompanied by a thought or two. As I was looking back a couple of years, I noticed that the message of most (or nearly all) of these photos was some or other form of human distress, disaster or destruction, intended to serve as a warning and a reason to make us think about this crazy, materialistic world and its destiny. What about this year? The message remains the same, I only changed the theme of the photographic metaphor. The world can also be achingly beautiful, which is the main reason to try and keep it for those who come after us. And we don’t even have to go far to bask in all of its beauty! This photo was taken on the 14th of December in the vicinity of Godovič, above Idrija." Photos: Arne & Katja & Dronči




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