A gold medal for Veeam status

Lately, as Slovene top sportsmen and women conquered countless medals, we also got our own gold medal. We got the medal from the provider Veeam, which offers data security solutions. The title Veeam Gold Partner was achieved through technical competence and a certain number in sales. We achieved this status thanks to our clients, who trust in our competences as well as in the provided Veeam solutions. With the Veeam Gold status, we complete our NetApp Platinum award on the field of full data management. We establish and maintain a high level of disk capacity performance of production data and manage their safety with the help of copying and archiving in our clients companies, thanks to the products of Veeam. These features are supplemented with data centers, where we rent disk capacities for replication of your safety backups or for backup location, with which we assure continuous and uninterrupted business of the clients companies, in case of a loss of their primary data center. Our slogan »Efficient data managing« is even more strongly verified, thanks to yet another highly achieved status.