The reason “I don’t have time” is not a valid point anymore, when using our solutions

Our main theme of this times meeting was “time”, also known as the fourth dimension. Time, which gains more and more value in our dynamic tempo of life. How to use the available 24 hours most efficiency is up to each individual, but with our solutions, allow us to save you precious moments, minutes and even hours that you can use for yourself, your family, and even hobbies.


Matej Moškon firstly presented us the hardware upgraded NetApp storage, which runs on new ONTAP 9 platform. This allows us to ensure response times, which you weren’t used to before. New sistems are able to process IO operations on SSD disks with a responsiveness that is measured in micro seconds. Now we are equiped with Flash technology in even the most basic systems, which are going to swap out spinning disks in the future, for good.


To verify this statement and for the benefit of the presentation, Robert Ceglar and Jure Turel from the Nuclear power plant Krško, have also stated it to be true. With the transition to SSD technology, their processing capacities significantly increased, at the same time also the computer equipment and the needed space decreased, thanks to the bigger disk density.


Next to present their project of renovating the storage in the insurance company Adriatic Slovenica, were Damijan Pregeljc and Edi Šimec. Throughout the discovery of their needs, tight margins and evaluation of their solution, they have refreshed the presented processes and shown reasons why to buy the NetApp storage. Also in Adriatic Slovenica, with the processing on the new NetApp storage, supported through Flash technology, they now finish their processing much faster. According to their statement, what they like most it the “invisibility” features of the storage, because it practically does not need any attention from the system administrator.


Detecting attacks and execution of malicious code is very time critical. Which tools to use to minimize these threats? Danijel Šurina, from the company Netsafe, presented the tool chain Fortinet, which disables and finds breaches in the information systems. Another area, where the aspect of time is vital and plays a very big role.


Next in line were Andrej Komatar and Žiga Humar, who talked about artificial intelligence and Big data solutions. How to shorten the time spent on analyzing unstructured data presents a very big challenge to many companies. They also prepared an interesting presentation of its operation in real time.


At the end of the presentations, our champion and Olympic medalist Petra Majdič, talked about how a hundred of a second is important and can help you achieve top sports achievements. Who doesn’t know the story of the hole, broken ribs and despite those the continuing of the race to the finale and the achieved coper medal? She says that Olympic sport and business have many things in common, which are high goal, personal motivation and a devoted team. To strive and enjoy a win alone or in a group cannot be compared. Or a signed contract with a new subscriber for that matter. She opened herself up like a baked chestnut, but those come later on.


After the presentations ended, we were treated like kings in the Jamarski dom in Gorjuša, just the way it should be: pumpkin soup, baked goose, red cabbage, flat bread and a roulade made out of chestnuts. We needed the energy to partake in the last event of the day – the sightseeing of the cave Železna jama, under the lead of the cave expert Aleš Stražar. There was humor on every step of the way, which helped many to overcome their fear of the tight tunnels and halls in the cave.


All in all, the end was befitting of the seasons time – baked chestnuts and “most” filled even the last holes in our bellies. And boundless conversations. Because we had enough time.