Aviratek 2016

We were covered in mud from head to foot, but still laughing.

The subtitle tells a lot about how the Aviratek 2016 hurdle-race teambuilding went. Even if the weather was nice, we all knew that we would definitely not stay clean for long, because we all saw pictures of the previous year. Immediately after the start, there was the first “avira” or hurdle to master, a huge hole filled with mud, where even our last hopes of having clean clothes, went floating. Everything else that followed was easier, but the mud followed us on every step of the 8km long run in between the Slovenian hills of Dolenjska. There were still 19 more hurdles to master, each of them unique and fun to overcome. From big hay bales and hay stacks, to slides, mud pools, climbing on logs and running around muddy and slippery tracks, which were also used to drive in a motorcycle race by the Moto MXGP champion Tim Gajser just a week back. Those, who weren’t surprised by the hurdles themselves, were still pleasantly surprised by the friendly natives of Dolenjska, which are known for their hospitality, because there were quite a bit of stops during the run, where participants could gather their strengths, drink water and home-made brandy of the local brewers. We counted them all, and there were 7 of them :). All in all, there were 400 participants in the Avirateka 2016, and 100 children as well. The local fire department organizer, Gasilsko Društvo Šentvid, with our help, raised 800.00 EUR, which were given to the development center of the kindergarten of Ivančna Gorica. An unforgettable day of socializing, mud baths and laughter was concluded with the decision, to participate in the next year as well and in an even greater number.