NUGOS on Triglav mountain

On the 9.9., at 9.09 pm we talked with our business partners about the new features of ONTAP 9. The presentation was held on the highest standing cabin in Slovenia, in the mountain home of Triglav on Kredarica, nearly 2.515m above sea-level, just a few 100m beneath our highest-standing mountain. The participants had to endure quite a workout, before hearing all of the new features. After a more than a 4 hour hike from the valley, they had the opportunity to listen to the new effective technology, optimized IO request processing and countless of other functions, which enable an easy storage monitoring. On the same date there was also the release of the ONTAP 9 GA version (Genaral Avalability), and the presentation was closed with a demand for system upgrades of the participating users, which wished to test these new implementations and integrated improvements for themselves. But not only was the presentation itself the peak of our NUGOS meeting, but the hike up the mountain Triglav itself, which is 2.864m above sea-level and the biggest top in the mountain range Julijske Alpe. The early wake was worth all the efforts, seeing the sunrise from the top of Slovenia. After this, the descend back to the valley followed, accompanied with a few last words to finish up this accomplishments we made that day, and we felt the satisfaction of our business partners throughout the whole trip. Their happiness was a bundle of their realization, that they did something great for their bodies, but also the view of our beautiful country from the very top and the countless upgrades of the new ONTAP 9 version was a part of this joy.  




Photo credits: Jure Dimec, Kristijan Šuštar, Žiga Humar