Hiking boots and a happy 2018

I bought myself new hiking boots. I will hike and travel in them to mountains and over hills and greet unknown people with an honest and cheerful »good day«. I will clear my mind in the clear breeze, away from all the electronics, asphalt and the nervous busy doings of the city and in at night I will come back to the urban jungle once more. I wish myself and all of you that you may find many carefree days in the New Year to come, more than there were this year. How much? Just enough to remind ourselves to enjoy the walks and hikes in the mountains and to be more in touch with nature.


I wish you all health, much happiness, abundant joy, and foremost clean air to breathe, a lot of money under the Christmas tree and a mouthful of juicy blackberries for the sweet taste. Woohoo, long may we live!



Klemen Košir
Klemen Košir

I am a star-eyed observer; I watch the world unfold before me and I am amazed at everything I see. The human person is always my main focus, even when I chop up carrots or write down my recipes. I like to talk to people that work with their own hands and with the earths soil itself. At home I crouch down before my computer and type down every impression and every note form the last 5 years and I publish this at the very end in a book for everybody to read. Throughout this whole process I always stay a father, sometimes a little grumpy, other times cheerful and high in spirit.

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