The Nyangatom people

The Nyangatom exclusively live on the right riverside on a very remote riverbank of the River Omo. They are known to be the wildest of all the Omo tribes, because they have the least contact with western civilizations, but even this changed about 1 year ago. In the village Kangaten they established, with the help of Chinese capital, the first bridge on this part of the river and the formal so far-off and hard to reach road to the Nyangatom people is now wide open. Even they will not be spared of the unknown future of the Omo tribes, which will happen very soon…
Tribe or ethnical group: Nyangatom people
Location: Right left Omo Riverside / Ethiopia
Estimated population: 30.000
Language: Nyangatom language
Religion: animism, paganism

Photo: Arne Hodalič and Katja Bidovec
Arne Hodalič
Arne Hodalič

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