You reap what you sow!

»He, who searches the goal, will stay empty,

even when he reaches it;


He, who searches the way,

will always carry the goal in his heart.«

        Nejc Zaplotnik


Last year we have been very busy bees. We finished the year with a fully filled supply of home-grown produce. We sowed and planted even when the winter hasn’t fully left the lands. But we wouldn’t have harvested them so well without a little extra effort. We spent countless hours with the whole family on the fields, plucked weed and pests alike, talked numerous times about life and alike, put together dishes, and laughed. We muttered quite a few curse words as we sweated from the work, sweat dripping from our foreheads every day; sometimes it was from the summer heat, other times from the rain the earth dearly needed to get in order to grow bountiful vegetables and fruit. We are all especially proud of the fact that all our produce grew without using even a single kind of pesticide.


In the year 2018 I wish all of you a bountiful harvest. I lay on to you my words of wisdom, that the harvesting is solely the goal at the end of a long road you take. The human heart grows with every road they walk on to get to the aimed goal in front.


So, on we march!

Matej Moškon
Matej Moškon

I live an exciting quadrangle love-life with my family, my company and with the mountains. Top-quality gear and advanced technology follow me on my every step in life for decades. I seek answers on many questions in nature and it is here, where I find my true inner peace. The responsibility for my work fills me with a proud feeling of being useful to somebody. I love to follow and resolve questions on configuration advices, project performances, searching for causes of errors, etc. I gladly share all my experience with everybody that would like to hear them.

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