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We are just sitting in Ourspace. Coffee, water, voices echoing from the rooms. It’s lively and all the sound is melting into a kind od white-noise. Just a few words to get it all started, as if we are in a real hurry, that’s why I am writing in a kind of staccato with a few side notes on the paper to go along. Also, because I wanted it to be a bit different from the others.
His job is sales, system and solutions sales, wisdom and items alike, because even in these you can find a bit of wisdom, 5 of them being here, it’s great. Such generally spoke words are great, I have to dig deeper and ask what he likes. The co-workers, the working climate, the leadership, and the way we work here. An average working day consists of checking mails, orders, comments, demands, preparing prepositions, thinking about the customer and their wishes, checking out what is happening on those fields. But what about those times, when there is panic? Yes, in those times we have to do overtime. Does this happen often? Yes, well, rarely enough, so I am still motivated, in good condition, sometimes those situations even do me good. And when you have free-time? I am an old-young father; I tend to let myself go too much, in the past I used to work out a lot. Now I have a new hobby, I watch Moto GP. Rossi, yes, I am already a fan, I am watching while I sit, stand up sometimes and jump around, I also like to run, but I tend to take too little time for these things. Cultural things, in very moderate doses, fairly little, movies – sci-fi, but never something intense psychological. He is not old enough yet to read and watch what he used to, when he was younger. An inhabitant of Ljubljana, living in Domžale. His youth spent in Šiška, beneath the Šišenski hrib, now it’s different, all clogged-up, flats everywhere you go. If you reside in a place only for sleeping, the relationship to the places tends to change; you are in different places all the time and only want peace, that’s why I like Domžale. After my career I worked on one hand as a sales-person, and then on the other hand as a customer, that’s my advantage, I know both sides of the coin. About 10 years ago, my friend and I designed a conference for IT-chefs, and I am really proud of that. He lifts himself up in the chair while saying this, and slows down for a bit. In primary school I was an excellent student, later studying on the secondary school Gimnazija Bežigrad, focused, studying on the Faculty of Electric Engineering, later studying IT. He remembers all of his professors from secondary school by last name, that’s something you don’t hear every day. I lectured in a school for design for some time, but it was getting on my nerves, the constant repeating of subject’s, day in and day out, I just didn’t see myself doing this kind of work.
This weekend we are going on an Ourspace family trip (note: the weather crossed our plans so we didn’t go), most of the time we are making trips to the countryside and visiting my parents. There our child enjoys it so much. Kaplja vas. Orchards. He has a genuine love for earth. Maybe, maybe he will continue it on. Now that there are holidays, we go to Istria, but in the past, yes, when I was younger, I saw much more of the world than now, in my past-life that is.
We talk something more about parenthood, about the ups and the downs. Intense, good-willing, optimistic. Fast.
Aleš Leko Gulič
Aleš Leko Gulič

Born in the right year and outlived everything that happened in Trbovlje and around in the last 60 years and some more, also studying and working in Ljubljana, but as a daily commuter. Now retired. Never surrender! I am a co-worker of some movies and such things. Let’s say, biker-specific things. And Father Christmas, when the time comes. Red cross. Worked in institutes such as Delavski dom Trbovlje, a voice of the radio station Rock radio every Sunday at 20.00 pm and in the OSAP Hive with newest features at Fridays.

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