Coffee with employees – Matej Moškon

On days like these you tend to say things like »Do you remember the good old, sunny days…«. It's raining outside, the dense fog is lingering around the hillside Žrebljev hrib, towards Ostenk (just google it, if you want to know more about it). That's why I am searching for something light and warm, friendly really. Drinking velvety, aromatic, coffee...
Matej Moškon, also known under many other different names, is this kind of a person. Good-humored and talkative. You don't even have to ask many questions. He just gives answers himself. In Ourspace, now I know that this is the normal route here, became a part of the company through information’s of an inner circle – somebody heard something about what and who they need, remembered that and told another. And so on. »But that way ages ago« said Matej, »even before the dinosaurs roamed the land and the earth was completely round, they needed a technician who knew Unix, and everything aligned and crossed paths.« Lucid and witty. Talking about priorities, following some highlights of his life, how his family is almost more important than Ourspace, that his work and career are making him happy, almost a fun hobby to him. The word »almost« in the last sentence paused him and made him think. Family and business. His eyes lit up and a certain content smile emerged from his expression, explaining why it is like this: »Freedom, I doubt that I would have it this much than here, I can really say that we are a family-friendly company«. The devotion to his work, even in the evening hours, when things tend to calm down and time is stretched, when you are alone with yourself. And even the 3. side of things – trips in the mountains and hillsides, depending on the free time you have. »Morning trips, sunrises in the mountains – priceless – where we have some land and grow our own crops. Now it is really beginning. Spring has really come. « And an addition to his gibberish: »Then I am a more eco-friendly product!. PS Today I don't need to water the plants.

Aleš Leko Gulič
Aleš Leko Gulič

Born in the right year and outlived everything that happened in Trbovlje and around in the last 60 years and some more, also studying and working in Ljubljana, but as a daily commuter. Now retired. Never surrender! I am a co-worker of some movies and such things. Let’s say, biker-specific things. And Father Christmas, when the time comes. Red cross. Worked in institutes such as Delavski dom Trbovlje, a voice of the radio station Rock radio every Sunday at 20.00 pm and in the OSAP Hive with newest features at Fridays.

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