Trip to bivouac shelter under Skuta mountain

The planning of an adventure in the IT world begins with an upgrade of the UltraEdit application to the latest version, where we carefully wrote in all the necessities of our nightly stay in the mountains. The necessary equipment is as follows:
The necessary equipment is as follows:
  • Ice axe
  • Crampons
  • A helmet
  • Food supplies
  • Fluid
  • Toilet paper
  • A sleeping bag
  • Camping mattress
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • A hat
  • A jacket
  • Tissues
  • Winter shoes
  • Gaiters
  • Matches
  • A map

    • Dodatna oprema:
      • Cooking stove
      • Dishes
      • Čevapčiči
      • A camera
      • A stick for narcissists (a.k.a selfie stick)
      • Powerbank
      • An instant grill
      • And tons of other stuff..

        • The road can be interpreted in different ways – starting at "The End" (Konec) using the unmarked trail trough "The chemises lavatory" (Gamsov skret), under “Cottage cheese” (Skuta), what trail we will use to get back is yet not known. Maybe Žmavčarje, through Kokrsko sedlo, but also maybe some other way. At the first climb and with backpacks on our backs, we make our way up the mountains, a bit angry at Newton and his gravitational law, slowly but steadily.
          The sun shows his good side that day and hides behind some clouds. We use technology which shows acquired data about our current height, GPS coordinates, the speed of the climb and documentation, in a form "taking a lot of pictures".
          The deciduous trees soon begin to mix with coniferous trees, more and more, till the last ones disappear and when even our knowledge of the 3. grade begins to thin out, we evaluate our current height at 1700m, without any modern technology, I may add.
          The documentation of this approach can be verified with our paperwork, the interpretation however leads us to the slope beneath Kogel wall, where we heist ourselves up the chimney, which is becoming harder and harder to climb. If Santa can do it with ease, respect, we needed quite some energy to climb it and the adrenaline was higher than ever. Continuing our way, we also encountered a slightly sleepy viper, which woke up from his hibernation. Oh well, of you go, little fella. The steeply slopes offer a bit of though, if one should use crampons, but those will come in handy later on. Accomplishing this portion of the climb, we heist ourselves to the slopes directly beneath the mountain Skuta, where we search our way through Sleme to the bivouac shelter, under the heavy hand of night and snow.
          But some wisdom of the past was left in our heads, as we decided to fail-over the vertical wall of Skuta – we slept in a bivouac shelter under Grintovec. This decision however added another 1 hour of walking in the deep night and the far-off light in the bivouac tells us, that we will have company for the night.

          The bivouac shelter is here, so we change our clothes and hunger calls. We had idea to do little picnic in the snow and we can see that this evening will be quite something, because we invited a German couple also walking along our way, but they were quite displeased and unhappy to see us there. Thank goodness the couple refused our offer to eat with us, because the damn grill didn’t light up no matter what. When there was only one match left in the box, I had to remember the story of Andersen and The girl with the matches. And of course, the match lights up, but the grill stayed cold and didn’t light itself, so the čevapčiči stay cold and we sure don’t like them cold. But luckily the soup starts to boil, a sandwich to go with it and all is well. Nice. We didn’t have much sleep, because the steel cables kept on whistling in G major and E minor, which shook the bivouac like a cocktail. And to top the atmosphere in the shelter, the moon was directly shining through the window all night to see what was going on in there.

          It’s 4 o'clock and time for action, crampons on our feet and via the valley. The options reduced to 1 alone, which was the descend past the Cojzova koča to the car. Time for breakfast and off to work, where we arrived at 9h.

          These adventures broadened our life with new experiences. We tell this tales with such joy, but the story that we tell brings very mixed emotions to the faces of those listening and reading.

          The amount of the acquired data of the used technology – 381 MB. If we have done this trip in the times of dr. Julius Kugy, we would have needed 38.000 A4 pages of text.
Matej Moškon
Matej Moškon

I live an exciting quadrangle love-life with my family, my company and with the mountains. Top-quality gear and advanced technology follow me on my every step in life for decades. I seek answers on many questions in nature and it is here, where I find my true inner peace. The responsibility for my work fills me with a proud feeling of being useful to somebody. I love to follow and resolve questions on configuration advices, project performances, searching for causes of errors, etc. I gladly share all my experience with everybody that would like to hear them.

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